Personal Branding

SheriLeonardKOMO4BiteOfSeattleI just read a blog that discussed personal branding and it prompted me to ask myself, “What is my personal brand?”

After some reflection, I decided my brand is “Positively Professional.”

I was born with a positive disposition and a drive to be the best I can be. I didn’t develop these traits; they simply are part of who I am.

And trust me, being a perfectionist has its drawbacks — just ask my kids about my level of expectations.

But, being positively professional defines me!

I take pride in my work and in my relationships and I never want to let myself or anyone else down. Ever.

I love to work on projects — learning the objectives, creating a plan to meet those objectives, implementing the plan (making sure to enjoy the process), and reaching an end result that surpasses expectations.

I like to work on fast-paced, high-performing teams consisting of fun, smart and creative people with high integrity — collaborating and brainstorming to take projects from good to great.

I like to improve inefficiencies. I like to meet new people, build relationships and promote a positive culture. I like to bring joy to my little slice of the world. I like to make life better wherever I am.

I am positively professional. It’s in my DNA. And it’s my personal brand!

What is YOUR personal brand?