Sheri Leonard at Seahawks GameHello! Thanks for visiting my website. It feels a little weird to be sharing myself with the world, but I decided to build a website to expand my social-media and digital analytics knowledge, so here it goes….

I’m basically an outgoing person who likes to communicate, plan events, and in general, try to make the world a better place.

Jones Family Christmas 2010I grew up in Seattle in one of those “Leave it to Beaver” families where we all actually LIKED each other. We were raised to respect and support each other, and I remember hearing, “A family that plays together stays together.” I guess it worked because my parents have been married for 68 years and my three siblings and I are all still great friends!

Blvd of Joy Sign

At the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany.

My childhood was filled with athletics, dance and unique opportunities. I’ve traveled extensively, competed nationally in three sports, and worked with a team of professionals that I deeply respect. Life has been good to me and I am very grateful.

I was an entrepreneur at a young age and co-owned a successful retail store with my sister for 11 years. Most recently I worked in the corporate office of a local broadcasting company for 10 years. I’m currently a freelance communications consultant.

I love learning, meeting new people, and traveling to new destinations.

Christmas Photo - Kurt Kristi AngelMy kids are a bit hesitant about this website, but I assured them I wouldn’t post any bathtub or first dance photos!