“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”―Jimmy Johnson

I don’t want to be ordinary; I like keeping life interesting! So, outside of my “day job” I usually have something fun going on.

Throughout my life, I’ve had exciting extracurricular activities. As a youth I traveled around the country competing in badminton tournaments and twirling competitions. In high school, I was also on the gymnastics team and cheer squad.

In college, I twirled with the U of W Husky Marching Band on Saturdays and cheered for the Seahawks on Sundays as a Sea Gal. Then, I stayed on the sidelines for three more years as the choreographer for the Sea Gals.

In my 20s, I added tennis and pickleball to my list of hobbies.

For the next two decades, I raised my kids, and “their” hobbies became “my” hobbies. I also coached twirling, dance and cheer for 20 years.

Now that my children are grown, I’m thoroughly enjoying playing tennis and pickleball, Yoga, dancing, traveling, reading, improving my cooking skills, and reconnecting with friends that I neglected for decades!