Seahawks are Super Bowl Bound!

Photo from Photographer: Corky Trewin

I’d like to be productive today, but I’m still reeling from the Seahawks’ NFC Championship win on Sunday.

At least I’ve finally stopped shaking! What an emotional day.

After viewing hours of postgame reports and interviews, I have 10 thoughts to share:


  1. The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl! Euphoria has swept over our city. I’m thrilled for the players, the Seahawks organization, the fans and the Pacific Northwest.
  2. I’m going to the Super Bowl, too! All season I knew this team was magical and I can’t wait to immerse myself in the midst of NYC’s Super Bowl festivities chanting “SEA-HAWKS” with my fellow 12th Man.
  3. Richard Sherman is awesome! Sure, he may be loud, brash and confident, and perhaps he didn’t exhibit much sportsmanship in the Erin Andrews interview. But, check out this video, which shows Sherman leading into the Andrew’s interview, for more context. Perhaps if you knew him better, or if he played for YOUR team, you’d enjoy his antics and admire his athleticism, commitment to be the best, and selflessness in the community. He’s an animated guy and Andrews happened to grab him at an exhilarating moment immediately after he beat a bitter rival on a game-winning play. He publicly let loose his built-up aggression toward Michael Crabtree, and that was unfortunate. The hatred and deluge of racially-motivated comments that followed were inexcusable and disheartening. Even Andrews said she was glad he was as lively as he was, and she wasn’t offended in the least. The interview provided great fodder for the media, but like he said, it didn’t represent who he is off the field. Sherman is the Seahawks’ Muhammad Ali. He’s confident, aggressive, focused and competitive. I agree 100% with this commentary by KING 5’s Paul Silvi. I look forward to watching Sherman on Feb. 2 as he shows the world why he is the best cornerback in the NFL.
  4. Kudos to the 49er fans who attended the game. They were a much nicer group than I encountered at Candlestick Park in December. The fact that San Francisco chose to shut down their cable cars during and after the game due to fear of what damage their fans might do to them is a testament to what I experienced when I was there. I’m glad a different group followed the team to Seattle.
  5. I was sorry to hear that some Seahawks fans threw popcorn at the injured NaVorro Bowman as he was carted off the field. That’s just plain disrespectful and not representative of the 12th Man. Those of us who watched Bowman’s knee bend backward on the one-yard-line have that painful image embedded in our minds forever. I wish him a speedy recovery.
  6. However, speaking of Bowman, I must sadly add that I find his pregame behavior of tearing up a poster belonging to an autograph-seeking Seahawk fan to be utterly disrespectful. Fans are the reason you have a job, Bowman. Hmmm…do you believe in karma?
  7. The Sea Gals are beautiful, entertaining and full of energy! I’m disappointed ESPN didn’t show them once during the telecast. Hopefully their hard work will be recognized with some exposure during the Super Bowl.
  8. Seahawks-mania is rampant in Seattle! The Seahawks have united our community. It’s healthy for our souls and our economy. Blue, green and 12s are found everywhere you turn. What fun.
  9. The Seahawks still don’t get any respect at the national level. Even after beating the 49ers to win the NFC Conference, there’s no respect. As Governor Inslee said, “We don’t drive covered wagons out here anymore!” Lookout negative-Nellies. I’m pretty sure this “pedestrian” team will be able to “squeak out” one more win this season and prove all of you wrong. Doug Baldwin says your lack of respect has turned the chips on the players’ shoulders into boulders, and fires them up to play even harder. That’s the Legion of Boom, baby!
  10. I love this 2013-2014 Seahawks team – their talent, personalities and community service. They’ve earned their place in Super Bowl XLVIII and I’m going to have the time of my life supporting them “loud and proud” in NYC and New Jersey. Go Hawks!